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Sports Club Consultation

In September and October 2015, Active East Herts invited sports clubs to participate in a survey which aimed to identify deficiencies in sports provision and seek ways in wich unmet demand could be met within the district.


In order to justify deficiences in sports provision, evidence would be gathered to show that demand can not be met, or existing sports provision cannot be maintained.  For example, clubs may have a facility that requires investment in order to bring it up to an acceptable standard, or alternatiely, clubs may have outgrown existing premises or facilities may not exist.  AEH are keen to understand whether there is a business case for shared facilities, particularly where sports have a similar infrastructure.


The survey also aimed to develop an understanding of a clubs particular needs in respect of coaching and other demands whcih may be particular to one club, or shared with others.


East Herts Council is actively supporting the project and is keen to have the information available so that it can make informed decisions about future facility provision and policy.


The survey has been arranged in two parts:

1) An online questionnaire

2) Club Consultation evenings


The initial analysis of the survey has been shared with all participating clubs and can be found HERE.

AEH aims to continue the survey on an ongoing basis to develop a complete picture of sporting needs in East Herts.

Should any clubs who have not taken part to date wish to do so, a downloadable version of the survey can be found HERE.  It can be emailed to