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Roller Skating for Teachers

Sat 17th June 2017

From September, primary teachers in East Herts are to be offered a training course for free. Roller Skating for Teachers (i) is a three hour CPD covering everything from essential safety and class management to drills and lesson plans. It will assist with adopting roller skating in PE and the development of a school team to compete against other schools. We have established Mini Track Team Roller Speed as a child friendly and cost effective version of Olympic recognised Roller Speed and there will be trial competitions later in the school year. To compete you need a minimum four girls, two from KS1 and two from KS2. Boys will come in later (they take longer to prepare). In the autumn of 2018 there will be a county wide competition for which we are crowdfunding a prize fund on Some schools will also feature in a short film which will then be shown at national conferences.

More detail on Interested teachers should send an e/mail to or phone Malcolm Chapman 01438 721435